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In 1991, Cape York Motorcycle Adventures created the off-road motorcycle tour industry in Australia, specialising in the Northern Peninsula, between Cairns and the Tip.

The most popular tour is the eight day adventure from Cairns to the northernmost tip of the Australian Continent – the Cape York Peninsula. This trophy tour needs little description as it is the real adventure that dirtbike enthusiasts seek. Customers encounter the Flora and Fauna that are unique to the Cape York region as they ride through World Heritage Rainforest trails and dusty outback tracks. This tour offers an all Australian experience with every surface type except snow. Customers experience a real adventure and end each day pleasantly exhausted at the provided accommodation or 5 million star, luxury camping at secluded and remote locations.

CYMCA offers the latest model motorcycles for clients to hire or they have the option of bringing their own. All necessary modifications are made to the bikes so that they are able to cope with the rough terrain of Cape York (long range tanks, bash plates and Roy's special modifications). All of our bikes are electric start, reliable, handle well and most importantly are lots of fun to ride.

The tours are all inclusive; the guides are the best in the country constantly improving their skills. The support vehicle has been personally designed and carries the latest satellite communications, medical chest, fuel supplies, water supplies and even the kitchen sink. It is fitted to cater to 20 guests and their machines.

“Our home, Our passion! We'd love to share our experience with you.”

1 or 2 Days

Trek or Rainforest & Outback Safari

This fun riding experience takes in thrilling mountain trails, heavily forested tracks, stunning views, and cool mountain streams, secluded and remote waterfalls accessible to only a privileged few ...

FROM $506


3 Days

Escape Tour

The three day escape takes in all the sites and adventure of the Two Day Rainforest and Outback Safari and adds an overnight experience in the historical Cooktown area. Visit the James Cook Museum ...

FROM $1,650


5 Days

The Adventure Trail

The five day Adventure trail is a rider’s ride, covering approximately 1,000 kilometres it takes the biker from rich rainforests to abandoned cattle stations, through private properties and National Parks ...

FROM $3,675


6 Days

The Fish n Ride

Combine the excitement of riding Australias isolated Cape York, with the pleasure of tempting a hungry Barramundi to attack your lure, or the line peeling adrenalin that comes from hooking a big Queenfish ...

FROM $4,015


7 Days

Cape York Adventures

This trophy tour takes the rider from Cairns to the northern most tip of the Australian Continent. It needs little description as it is the real adventure that motorcycle enthusiasts seek...

FROM $5,545


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