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  • Australasian Dird Bike Magazine - January, 2012
    Thunder Few Aussie off-road tours compare to the run between Cairns and Cape York. ADB went on a “down” trip, from the tip all the way to Cairns.
  • Trail Bike Adventure Magazine - September, 2011
    Water crossings come thick and fast on rides in northern Queensland. Sandy, tractionless riverbeds alternate with submerged gibbers, invisible wheel ruts and uncertain depth to make every crossing a challenge.
  • Trail Bike Adventure Magazine - Lee Schirripa's Column
    It's been absolutely perfect weather for the start of the season. The temperature has hovered around between the high 20s and low 30s, and a couple of light, overnight showers have kept things nice and moist.
  • Trail Bike Adventure Magazine - Lee Schirripa's Column
    There are few more sacred traditions than the massive blowout of a bucks' night. For eons men have come up with different ways to celebrate or mourn the passing spirit of a mate into marriage, and if the best man has done his job well it goes down in the mental history book of every bloke there under the title "A #$&*ing Awesome Bucks".
  • Trail Bike Adventure Magazine - Lee Schirripa's Column
    Last issue we looked on as Cape York Motorcycle Adventures chose a new sweep, Lee Schirripa. Now Lee's out there and doin' it, and he's going to tell us of his exploits each issue. Here's his first instalment
  • Trail Bike Adventure Magazine - by Lee Schirripa
    It's taken 574 i-Tunes, size Red Bulls, 18 refuels, two bags of nuts, a five kilometre walk for fuel, two bottles of oil, eight muesli bars, 12 beers, two hitchhikers, one game of poker, one game of lawn bowls, one caravan park attendant who introduced himself as Yogi Bear and, I'm glad to say, zero flat tyres.
  • Trail Bike Adventure Magazine
    My first year as sweep rider for Cape York Motorcycle Adventures is done and dusted. The last tour for the 2010 season was an absolute pearler, made up of a small group of five capable riders that I led on an eight-day tour from from the top down. Conditions were absolutely perfect and there were no dramas at all.
  • Trail Zone Magazine January/February 2010
    What better tonic is there for turning 40 than getting a bunch of your mates together and taking aim for the top:the very tip of the Cape York peninsula? It's gotta beat getting a new set of socks and jocks every time!
  • Trailbike Adventure Magazine May 2010
    TBAM has been helping Cape York Motorcycle Adventures search for a new sweep. The final decision was made on a five day ride through FNQ, which started after 30 straight days of tropical rain.
  • Honda Redrider - Toby Heads North
    HRCA ride co-ordinator, Toby Vojkovic, tells of the great HRCA Cape York Escapade for our charity, the 'Make-a-Wish Foundation'.
  • Australasian Dirt Bike - Up Top Down Under
    "An American visitors impressions of a Cape York tour. It's easy to take for granted your own country. That's why this story is such a refreshing change. It describes a beautiful part of Australia as seen through the eyes of an American visitor."
  • American Motorcyclist - Dual Sport Down Under
    "And so I left Australia with a promise; the next time the major airlines offer bargain fares to the land of OZ, I'll throw my riding gear into a suitcase as fast as I can and call Kunda on the way to the airport. There's an 8 day motorcycle safari Down Under with my name on it."
  • Australasian Dirt Bike - All the way to the top!
    ADB took three city slicker trail bikes on the ultimate adventure ride... and survived!
    So if your looking for a little adventure? And a trip to the tip tickles your fancy? Give Roy and the crew at Cape York Motorcycle Adventures a call. ADB guarantees you will not be disappointed... because you will get all the adventure you can handle."
  • Business Review Weekly - The big boys excellent adventure
    The story by Lucind Schmidth described Roy Kunda's private consultation with members of Australia's top business families. For the gentlemen on tour it was all about leadership, teamwork and facing adversity - setting a goal.
    "My life is very serious. This was about being silly... Boys need to get dirty sometimes" William Silverma - Chairman of Whistle and Associates.
  • Australasian Dirt Bike - First to the Cape in '98!
    ADB's tour with Roy to the Cape in 1998 was responsible for Cape York Motorcycle Adventures victory in the ride of the year award.
    "As we said at the outset, Cape York remains as one of Australia's greatest adventure rides, and if ever you want to go all the way to the top in style, call Roy at Cape York Motorcycle Adventures... and tell him ADB sent ya!"
  • MC Folket Nr 2/99
    This 5 page article featured in a German motorcycle publication by the name of MC Folkert. We at Cape York Motorcycle Adventures had the please of taking freelance European journalist by the name of Peter North to the top of the Cape with a group of Aussie adventurers. It was a wonderful experience for all and Peter subsequently sold his story to the magazine that published it in early 1999.
  • Ralph - March 99
    This 2 page story written by Domonic Cadden described CYMCA's two day safari and the trails and tribulations experienced by all on tour. It involved riding through some of the most beautiful scenery Australia has on offer, with an overnight stay at Cape Tribulation.
  • Australasian Dirt Bike - June 99 - Poseidon Adventure
    ADB Magazine chose Roy Kunda's Cape York Motorcycle Adventures to host a handful of hardy ADB Gold card holders who scored the "RIDE OF A LIFETIME" in 1999 to ADB's Cape ride. With the annual wet season being in full swing during the tour, the action and adventure never let up as they battled the elements in a desperate bid to make it all the way to the tip.
  • Kiwi Rider - Kiwis at the Cape
    "An organised tour was the way to go. I would recommend you go with Cape York Motorcycle Adventure's run by Roy Kunda. He's been going north for 9 years, knows the place backwards, and his boys did a faultless job. Thanks Cam and Johno."
  • Dirt Action - Long Haul
    Dirt Action magazine featured an 8 page story on Roy's lifestyle, the bikes and accessories that he uses on tour. The article looked in detail at the setup of the Honda XR 400 and XR 250's Roy was using at the time of publication. They discussed equipment from: what type of tyres, sprockets, chain lube, engine and oil filters that Roy recommends and uses on his tours.