Alex Tilbury | The Courier-Mail

Posted on March 05, 2011


CAPE York Motorcycle Adventures turns men into boys.

It is where men go to ride motorcycles from Cairns to the remote top end of Cape York.

This month, Roy and Renae Kunda are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their business, Cape York Motorcycle Adventures, Australia's longest-running motorcycle tour company.

"The life of a tour guide is probably five years but Roy never gets sick of showing people around and answering the same questions," says Renae Kunda of her husband. "Cape York is forever changing and he loves the look on people's faces when he throws in a surprise trick.

"We keep a lot of our tours secret. Roy gets their hearts pumping. Most men come to us and may have had a bike when they were younger and their wives want them to get it out of their system, but they often don't."

Ms Kunda, who has a university degree in environmental tourism, runs the business with a triple bottom line of respect for the environment, their communities, and finances.

"When it comes to bikes, a lot of blokes want to rip it up in the dirt and we show them places that they can do that and places to be respectful," she says.

"This is where men come to embrace their inner caveman, there's camping, fishing, WWII relics and rides on the beach."

Since 1991, trail boss Mr Kunda has led hundreds of riders a year on three, five and eight-day trips from Cairns.

The business in 2007 was the first motorcycle touring company in the world to achieve eco-certification.

The Kundas commitment to ecologically sustainable tourism is underpinned by passing an annual audit by Eco Tourism Australia of the business's environmental, social and business impacts.

Cape York Peninsula is one of the last great wild places on Earth. For the motorcyclist, it offers every type of terrain you could find in Australia except for snow and ice, with crocodiles, kangaroos, bush pigs, dingoes and native birds part of the experience.

Based at Clifton Beach, north of Cairns, the off-road bike tour specialist is a past finalist of the Telstra Queensland Business Awards in both the small bus-iness and social responsibility categories.