Television Coverage

November 2011

On November 21st 2011 we started a massive, two week journey from Cairns to Darwin riding the Triumph. Grant Denyer from Sunrise came along with his friends Dale and Adrian.

This was a major adventure as the timing was not favorable. We had the danger of meeting some big weather events that could impact on the planned route. The temperature soared to 55 degrees and made it feel like we were riding into a hair dryer. There's a reason why we only ride it in Winter!

Live television is live television and the show had to go on. As it turned out the rivers played with us and we made it through to the final destination on time.

September 2010

We had one week to take Grant Denyer and the Sunrise on 7 crew to the tip of Cape York.

They had just obtained satellite equipment that would make it possible to be the first people to broadcast "live" from the TIP.

The first discussion was that you can't actually ride a motorcycle over the last 2k's to reach the very tip. How are we going to do it?

A helicopter was the only way and the phone calls were made. We started out late on that first day and spent the whole week two steps behind the schedule.

The Cape played up in every way possible, unseasonal rain for September made the creeks impassable and we had to bring out every bushman's trick we knew about to get through. There was a deadline to film off the Tip at Sunrise on Friday morning. Some incredible stamina and riding skills came out and made it all possible.

The Great Outdoors: with Andrew Daddo, 2004

Andrew Daddo and his film crew came along and rode with us for two days. It was heaps of fun because I had a few friends ride with me for the segment. It was a little bit like a buck's party as opposed to business which came through in the final cut making the segment a real winner. The segment is well remembered because of the 'mate, mate, mate' line that Andrew added a voice change to. This line was actually used by one of my mates and Andrew used it in the final edit. There's a long story attached, ask me about it one day. Roy Kunda.

Getaway: with Ben Dark, 2004

Ben Dark is a real Aussie bloke that's easy to spend time with. He's a good rider and is mates with Darryl Beattie who was the one that recommended that he do a story with us. The edit of the segment made him look a bit hopeless which is not the case. It's just that the Cape can be tough and Ben was tired during some of the filming. At his expense we all got to see some funny stacks that made the segment real. I'd have him back anytime. Roy Kunda.

The Great Outdoors: with Teresa Livingstone, 2000

Again Roy had the opportunity to teach a female television star to ride a bike, Theresa did really well and had a ball on the bike, she can handle a fishing rod too! The Great Outdoors team was with us for two days and took some excellent footage of Princess Charlotte Bay. The producer won an award for his craft using the footage he shot with us. The whole crew was really stunned by the beauty of the area and that seemed quite odd to us as they travel all over the world and here they were absorbing their homeland as if it were the first time. Then again we get that from people all the time.

Troy Dann's Outback Adventures: with Troy Dann, 1998

This was an interesting shoot as Troy Dann and his team had 5 vehicles sponsored by Jeep, a motorcycle sponsored by Yamaha, a helicopter and all the toys imaginable for a three day shoot. The footage was superb and we all had a great time doing it. The most popular question amongst our friends was "Did he get his gear off?" as Troy has quite a reputation for the G-String show. Our answer was "NO!"
It was the first time that Troy gave 2 x 7 minute time slots to anyone on the same show. Our 14 minute segment received the highest responses that the team at Troy Dann ever had.

Getaway: with Rebecca Harris, 1992

We all remember this one as Rebecca became a household name around here. Her name was dropped regularly whenever the guides got the chance to mention it. Roy had the pleasure of teaching Rebecca to ride a motorcycle over the two days of filming. The show aired giving us a grand 12 minutes of National coverage in prime TV time. The response was overwhelming and the phone rang immediately the show finished.

Spirit of Adventure: with Glenn Taylor, 1990

Roy took the Channel 7 crew along for a ride when Glenn Taylor came up to interview Lyn and Yvonne Fraser from the book "Cape York - A 4WD Experience". The show was such a hit that the 7 network has kept it on as a filler for the station.