From: Paul
Wednesday, 17 September 2014 11:21 AM
Cape York Motorcycles
Subject: Re: Hello Again Friend


"Hi Renae,

Cape York Motorcycles Adventure was one of the best tours I've ever done.

I have told everyone I know about how great you guys are. The guides were great.

Good tucker, good bikes, well organised.

Hope to see you again.

Regards Paul"


From: Karl
Sent: Tuesday, 24 September 2013 5:47 PM
To: Cape York Motorcyles

Hi Renae

Just a quick note to say thank you and to commend you on the high quality and professional standard of the motorcycle tour package that both myself and Ben expierenced on the Cooktown 3day ride just gone. We were both totally impressed with everything on the tour from the bikes, the guide, the accommodation, food and the team of guys and girls that the group consisted of. We have spread the word up this way and we will definitely see you again next year for a fish and ride tour.

Kind Regards, Karl 

Hi Renee and Roy

I thought that I would drop you a short thank you note for the wonderful three days with Lee and Galaxy. To be honest I have spent the past twenty years watching CYMA groups go by thinking poor unfortunate tourists on their dr's doodling along looking at the scenery. Over the three days you have managed to flip my whole perception of who I thought you were upside down.

I had a fantastic time, the ride was great, the food was great, the company was great and the accommodation was great. And much as I hate to say it the DRZ's were great. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As you get older you sit back and tell stories of how good you were. A CYMA will bring you back to earth pretty quickly, for it exposes who you really are. It opens up a whole new world of conversations, it brings back what you thought was dead and gone. Thanks I feel alive again...

Have a wonderful day,
John, September 2012


I wanted to drop you a quick thank you for the excellent experience, the weekend was extremely well organised and our guys had a wonderful time, endorsed by your team (Lee and Galaxy) who were excellent hosts.

We will be back next year...

Andy, September 2012

Thanks Renae.

I am back at work now making more money for my next trip. I can't stop bleating about the trip. Totally enjoyed it. Thanks again to Lee and Galaxy please...

Steve, September 2012

To Roy, Renae, Lee, Gal, Craig

Thank you for a terrific 8 day cape York adventure trip.

Everything was organised with precision.

Great trip, great bikes, great staff and a great feed.

Please pass on my thanks to the boys.

I will pass on my recommendation to people that I speak to at the Australasian safari, southern cross 2 day ride,Gascogne dash and riders at coastal mx club WA.

Paul Harbottle WA August 2012

Firstly let me say the week I have just had was easily one of the best I have ever had in my life. The bikes were spot on, the guides were fantastic and the country side was spectacular.

I have had friends do a tour with the other tour operator and the feedback was not so good so I have let them all know to come and try you guys next time.

I am also coming back in Aug/Sept next year with another group and will be in touch in the coming weeks to discuss tentative dates and bookings.

Special mentions;

Lee and Galaxy
I found Lee and Galaxy to be two of the most courteous, patient and professional guides I have experienced on a tour or holiday. The guys were just brilliant in all respects and I believe they are a great asset to your business.

Bevan's food was delicious and totally surprised all of us to see that sort of quality come off a camp fire. Loved it.

Accommodation Again above expectations. We had great weather but the sleeping under the stars was a highlight.

The tracks we rode were some of the best riding I have ever experienced. I believe the boys used a fair amount of discretion in selecting the tracks and I think they were fantastic.

All in all I had the best holiday I have ever had and I wanted to thank you and your team and am looking forward to coming again next year.

Brett, September 2011

Memories of a Cape York Motorcycle Adventures Tour

So what's the deal with a CYMCA tour ?
I guess that rather depends on why you signed up for it in the first place. For many, I would imagine, its perhaps the culmination of a lifetimes passion for trail bikes, word of mouth, magazine articles, Youtube videos etc which had led them to sign up for arguably the ultimate trail bike adventure. For me it was all rather different.
I awoke at 7:00 am on a sofa in somebody's back yard struggling to work out where I was and what I'm doing there, slowly as my senses returned I remembered events. It had all started six weeks previously with a telephone call from one of my oldest friends, Martyn, who was feeling depressed having been made redundant and now at age of 58 with little prospect of starting a new career. It was a difficult call, for me, as it's hard to cheer someone up when you know they are basically right.... what chance employment in the Uk's South West at 58!!
After the call I racked my memory for ideas to cheer him up and recalled he had often spoken about the fun he'd had on trial bikes albeit some 20 years plus ago. That's it I thought to myself I will book us an adventure, a few hours of searching later and I happened upon the Cape York Motorcycles Adventures website and emailed Martyn for his view, suffice to say he was already packing his bag and raring to go. Great that's got that sorted I thought... but hang on I've never ridden a trail bike in my life!! A quick email to Renae at CYMCA calmed my concerns; well actually it was more like 20 emails...... Renae is very patient. Next up was the flights from Perth to Cairns, CYMCA's base only to find the flights arrived at 4:15 am in Cairns on the start day of the tour, another email to Renae and the sofa's for our arrival were secured, so there I was sat on Renae's sofa wondering what I've let myself in for!!

Day 1
The day started with a kitting out session where any concerns I had over whether they would have a jacket to fit me were soon dispelled, CYMCA having a very good supply of boots, jackets, helmets etc in all sizes. Next up was the safety briefing which I was pleased to find stuck to what you needed to know rather than exploding your head with endless detail. So, at last, we were under-way with a quick 15km of tarmac which gave me a chance to get used to the bike then straight into a delightful forest track. I was exhilarated but at the same time conscious this was all new and I was probably travelling a bit quicker than I should, at one point I got stuck in one of those horrible red clay ruts which seemed determined to direct me into the ditch rather than where I wanted to go and decided what I needed to do was apply a bit more power to get out of it..... I was wrong... well maybe I was right but I just executed it wrong and the next thing I know I'm sliding down the track on my back. No real damage done to me or the bike but it was enough to make me think. By the time we got to the first camp site, a truly picturesque riverside setting, I had fallen off again, was tired, despondent and generally feeling sorry for myself. Maybe I could call in a helicopter rescue, I thought to myself ,but alas no mobile signal was available so I made my way to the camp fire for supper. Wow... I think I could get used to this, Bevan who drove the support truck and cooked whilst we all sat around chatting created a simple but perfectly cooked chicken curry with rice, which would shame many a five star chef, rounded off with a raspberry cake. Any thoughts I had of wasting away to half my original weight on tour were thoroughly dispelled, I ate like a king throughout and actually put weight on by my return
Day 2
I awoke from a pretty uncomfortable night mainly due to my own lack of preparation, Roy the head honcho and all round nice guy had offered us tents but recommended we just slept under the stars on what turned out to be surprisingly comfy camp beds so we had all opted for this but my sleeping bag was a bit thin and I should have worn more clothes for the rather chilly night. By the morning I had determined I would talk to Roy re concerns for my ability to complete the tour and offer to drop out in the interests of not ruining the trip for everyone else. It was then that I really appreciated how experienced Roy was at these things, sure I had read about Roy's 20 years plus doing the job but with a few words my concerns were dispelled, simple stuff but to the point, I was not to worry about anyone else but to let Roy know if I was suffering a lack of confidence on the bike. Roy gave me a couple of tips.... sit forward on the corners and sit back in the sand with a bit more power. Great, thanks Roy I feel much better now I thought.... then.... hang on you want me to do what in the sand!! believe me as a novice trail bike rider the last thing you want to do when things are going wrong is apply more power but as I was about to discover the bottom line is it works and although I always felt on the edge that day things did go better, at least I didn't fall off

Day 3, 4, 5, 6
I was really getting into the whole thing now the riding was exhilarating and as my skill / confidence level grew so did my enjoyment. The variety of track is truly spectacular dirt road one minute sand the next closely followed by a river crossing, My senses were constantly stimulated if it wasn't the technical requirement then it would be the spectacular scenery but always alert anticipating what might be over the next crest or around the next corner. But there is so much more than just the riding to a CYMCA tour it's the whole experience, the mateships you form, the camping, the food and of course the CYMCA team always there, always professional never in the way. Lee, for example, who ran the tail bike , picking up the pieces and generally making sure we all got to the finish was always cheerful and always first to offer a hand.... great guy.

Day 7, 8
I think this is a first for me.... You know how it is ? You've enjoyed the trip but now you just want to go home... but I didn't want to go home I didn't want the trip to end.

I thought really hard about this part and you know what ,it's simple.... Just do it!! you won't regret it, the whole team are professional, the riding awesome and the experience will stay with you for the rest of your lives.
Me ? I can't wait to sign up for my next tour... novice to hooked in one trip... what more can I say. And Martyn ? Well he's still looking for a job but tells me the trip was the best thing he'd done in years.

Richard, July 2011

Dear Roy,

Just a quick note to thank you for a wonderful trip. I returned to London yesterday after spending the last 3 weeks in Argentina, following the trip through Cape York.

I enjoyed the trip to the Tip tremendously.

Well done to you and your first class team. Please do look me up you are ever in the UK...

Best regards

Hi Renae,

Thanks to you, Lee, Roy and Bevan for a sensational trip. I had a total blast...

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get into the office, though, on my connection back to Melbourne and therefore couldn't collect my t-shirt, which I really would love to have as a momento of the trip. I wonder whether you are able to post it down to me? I would really appreciate it.

Thanks again. The trip was run very well, and I particularly appreciate the support and encouragement I was given as an inexperienced rider.

Cheers, Evan

Dear Roy,

I would like to give you, Linc and Bevan a really big thank you for giving me an unforgettable time on the Cape York tour. As a novice off-road rider I was a bit apprehensive as to how I would cope with the ride, especially after the first day's adventure. The help, advice and encouragement you gave me went a long way into making the trip possible and so enjoyable.

I can really say that my riding technique has improved immeasurably (I still have a long way to go) thanks largely to the guidance, riding technique help and patience of Linc. The professionalism with which the tour was organised was impressive, even the few glitches that were encountered never seemed to faze anyone and workarounds found almost immediately. I can honestly say that I would have no hesitation in recommending your tour company to anyone wanting a true motorcycle adventure. Thank you once again, I am now saving up for my next escapade.

Kind regards
Alan Shaw

Hi Renae,

Please pass on my thanks to Roy and Lincon for a great experience on the trip to Cape York. Although I was within inches of my motorcycling ability most of the time, their tips along the way got me through! The trails and camp sites were fantastic and an experience that I'll remember for life I'm sure.

Brian Vander Velde

I’d like to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to the guys at CYMA for the recent Cape York — Cairns trip which was absolutely fantastic. After previously completing the 5 day tour I knew it was only a matter of time before I signed up for another adventure with CYMA. I thought I knew what to expect, however the 8 day trek down from The Tip exceeded even my expectations.

To Lincoln: “Mate, your experience, professionalism and sense of humour elevated what was a really good trip into an exceptionally enjoyable all–round experience. Even when the going got tough you didn’t waver, you just got on with the job. You’re a true pro at what you do.”

To Joel: “You’re just a really good bloke and great to be around, whether on the trail, around the campfire at night or throwing a shape or two on the dancefloor at PJs! I’ll never forget that day doing the Creb Track — what an unbelievable challenge full of highs and lows. Thanks heaps mate and I hope to see you again soon.”

To Roy: “You’ve got a fantastic business in what I consider to be the best place in the world. Your experience and thoroughness shows in the way everything is done at CYMA. As a business owner myself I understand what it takes to get a business to the level that yours is at, where things are humming. You should be very proud. If anybody tells you to change anything about the way you do things then my advise is “Don’t listen to them — it’s already perfect!!”

See you all again real soon,

Paul O' Connor (‘Irish’)

Roy & team,
Just a quick note to express our thanks and appreciation for our two day experience over last weekend. Joel was the best tour guide and showed plenty of patience with a couple of amateaur riders. He did teach us both plenty and has only motivated us to want to do it again at some stage in the future and I can assure you we will inform many of our friends and work colleagues of the fantastic experience we had. Furthermore, not only was Joel the ultimate tour guide — he is also a great young man and we thoroughly enjoyed his company on the Saturday evening. Thanks again to you and your fantastic team for allowing us to enjoy this ride as much as we did.

Regards, Trent Skarott & Tony Ross

Dear Roy,

I have just had my first week back in Sydney and hating every minute of it!

I wanted to take this opportunity to write to you to thank you for what was truly an experience of a lifetime, on many levels. You should be very proud of the business that you run and the joy and excitement it brings to those that undertake it.

After doing it for so long there are probably things that you take for granted, as we can all do, but you truly live in a special place and are fortunate enough to travel in a unique part of the world on a weekly basis. Its amazing how a few weeks in the outback, including the week in Cape York, tends to put other matters in perspective!

On a lighter note, even my Husqvarna TE450 (at the farm) seemed more rideable after the week on your bikes!

Once again a big thank you to both you, Renae and your guys.

Kind regards, Yours sincerely, Cameron A Smart

Hey there, Roy, Renae

I just wanted to say thanks again for an amazing trip that I'll never forget, it's one of the best things I've ever done and that's all because of the crew you have and the passion you have for what you do and that you choose to share that with others, I will definitely be back again (for a job) ha. Oh and also thanks for showing me cape trap... its f----g brilliant. Say thanks to the boys too.

All the best,

Hi Roy

Just a quick note to thank you and the boys (and of course Renae) for the 5 day trip we completed last Friday. I had a sensational time. At times in life, sadly things do not live up to our expectations. So it’s all the more rewarding when something comes along that actually exceeds our expectations; this was the case with your trip!

I think I was also lucky to be with such a great group of guys. It’s not often that you find yourself sharing 10 year old bottles of red and a tin cup of Moet sitting around a campfire in the back blocks of FNQ.

Trust you enjoy the off-season. I feel sure that you will be hearing from us in the not too distant future re a booking for the 8 day trip.

Safe riding!

Kind regards

Hi Renae I would like to personally thank you, Roy and Lincoln, for giving me and my mates such a fantastic holiday. Both Roy and Lincoln did an excellent job in looking after us and ensuring we made it there and back in one piece. Everything about the trip was top notch. From the bikes, to the trails, to the camping, and even the meals.

So from this I look forward to the next trip I take with you guys, in a couple of years, maybe even Cairns to Darwin if RoyÂ’s plans work out.

Thanks again,
Regards, Nick.

P.S If you come across a collared T shirt with your logo on it, [similar to the one Lincoln had on tour] let me know as I would be certainly interested in purchasing.

Hey guys,
Just dropping you an email to thank you for the most awesome ride we've ever been on! All of us absolutely loved every minute of it and we dont recommend changing one bit of it. You've given us an experience of a life time seeing Crocs up close and personal and scenery we never knew existed. Cheers!

Mat (Perth Boys)
Two Brothers Racing

Hi Renae thanks for a great trip to the cape, it would be at the top of my list, you guys are so far ahead of your game, compared to your opposition it not even funny. It will be my recommendation to a lot of dirt bikers about you business and your staff on how professional you guys are. Once again thanks very much. We will be back to do this again.

Kind regards, Mike Kennedy

Dear Roy, Linc, Joel, Scott and Renae

From the moment that I booked my 8 day Cape York Motorcycle tour, I knew I was in for a great trip.

Little did I know I would finish the 8 days in total awe of what I had seen, the riding that I experienced, and the professionalism that you and your employees had shown us.

Brand new DRZ400’s greeted us upon arrival making good your promise that you updated your bikes yearly even to the extent where the blue protective wrapping was still on the indicator dials!!

A fantastic cooked brekkie supplied by the magnificent Renae and a light hearted but stern briefing on the pitfalls of “First Day Fever” and the treacheries of the Cape by Roy and Linc seemed to settle some of the nervous excitement that a few of the lads were feeling.

Over the next 8 days, we were treated to the BEST and most varied terrains that I have ever been privileged to ride. Everything a rider could ever want was provided on a daily basis, ranging from some of the deepest rutted out hills I have ever seen / fallen into, river crossings, high speed bush tracks, shallow, deep, and extra deep sand trails!! Oh yeah, and some of the most spectacular countryside I’ve seen. But that always played second fiddle to the riding.

Thanks Linc for your leadership. Your riding ability is insane but your professionalism in everything from setting up camp, maintaining the bikes to keeping the fire stoked all night was incredible to see. You are indeed a credit to Roy and Renae’s company. Thanks also for your cool head during times of crisis... I’m sure you’re not going to forget my brother in a hurry!!

Joel, great job for your first tour for Roy mate. Your undying patience when picking guys bikes up and when you were up to your knees in mud digging someone out of a creek, you remained unfazed and good humored NICE WORK!!

Scotty, we looked forward to seeing you every afternoon and the bounty that you had prepared for us. Cheers for the great nibbles, sensational meals, awesome deserts and sublime cold beers when we rolled in from another sweaty day at the office. Not once did we go hungry all tour and your insistence that we did not lift a finger in food preparation was like being back at home with mum... Kind of!!

I even managed to squeeze Roy’s secret damper recipe out of the big fella in a moment of weakness... Cheers Roy, I’ll claim it as my own!

Roy, I’ve saved the best for last...THANK YOU for every day, hour, and second of the ride. A consummate professional who is clearly in love with his job. This rubbed off on every one of us and you certainly gave us every cent of our money’s worth (Especially the 13 hours on day 5 which was grueling but phenomenal!!). Thanks for the adventure that everyone who loves riding has to do more than once in a lifetime. I’ll sure as hell be back, but this time we are coming back en mass!!

Awesome touch with the champers when we got to the Cape also Roy. We felt as though we had discovered the place ourselves!!

Can’t thank you all enough for fanning my already unhealthy obsession for riding and I am more than happy to spread the love about Roy, Renae and all of the guys at Cape York Motorcycle Tours to anyone who has a spare 12 hours to listen!!

Kind Regards & Safe Riding, Brett Heatley Western Australia

I have put up a revised website including a lot more action shots from Rob and Danny. Check it out.
I have a couple of corrections to make but you may want to send the link on to your friends so they can see the ‘real story’.


Hi Renee , Roy Linc and the rest of the crew there at capeyork motorcycles. Well its about 3 weeks since I did the tour to the tip and I still find myself thinking about it most days.Just received a copy of all the photos Danny & Rob took, some great memories captured. Thank you for making this trip the best trail riding I have done, your Experience, professionalism, knowledge, Humor made this trip great.
Maybe we can tempt you guys over here to Central Otago for a well earned break during your off season. Roy I would really look forward to taking you into some of our trailriding areas that are right on my backdoor step. Some breathtaking sights to be had. Any way thanks again and lets keep in touch.

Regards, Brent Smithies — Cromwell NZ

CYMCA, I wanted to let you know how much fun I had on our 8 day ride to the Top just finished. I have travelled widely and i can say that this trip tops the list in terms of adventure,scenery and i especially enjoyed the company.
Roy was great, I especially enjoyed his personality and his calmness. I hope to catch up with him again. Lincoln and Joel were both fantastic too.
I am thrilled i have done the trip and will certainly recommend you to anyone I think may be interested in heading up your way.
Once again thank-you to you all for the most fantastic trip. I shall treasure the memories forever

Kind regards, Patrick Cody (April 2007)